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HABITATS aims to operationalise a broad range of public and private services that require the use of reliable spatial environmental data regarding living species and their habitats, enabling those services to access the required information because it has been made available according to a common format.

In order to reach its main objective, the HABITATS project has the following operational objectives:

  • Build HABITATS User Communities of stakeholders involved in the demand and supply of spatial information, usage scenarios, requirements and services
  • Consolidate best practice from previous experiences
  • Define and implement data and metadata models for INSPIRE Annex III themes 16, 17, 18 and 19
  • Design and open and efficient HABITATS SDI network service architecture to deploy services
  • Develop new services and service features through the validation pilots to validate robustness, relevance and added value of the INSPIRE-copliant data and metadata models
  • Develop a service toolkit for new services development
  • Disseminate project results to environmental and scientific communitie
  • Sustainable operation of the HABITATS Services