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Partner: Madonie

Location: Madonie Park, Sicily (IT); widely replicable throughout the Mediterranean

Service and user scenario:
The Madonie Park in Sicily attracts thousands of visitors every year, including hikers who explore the mostly mountainous 35,000 hectares; there are 6 mountains over 1,500m and several others well over 1,000m. The highest, Pizzo Carbonara is 1,979m, second in Sicily only to the mighty Etna (3,323m).
Hikers are attracted, in addition to the landscape, particularly by the park’s flora and wildlife. Indeed, there are over 2,600 different species of plants, many of which are endemic to the area.
The Park Authority is currently developing a multimedia repertory of many of the park’s main features – including both natural elements and places of traditional farming and herding – and, in the context of on-going initiatives, is developing an interactive multimedia map of the area that will allow hikers to plan visits as a function of the natural elements to see.
The validation pilot in HABITATS will integrate habitats-related data into this map, to allow to view bio-geographical regions within the park. In addition, use of mobile platforms (where coverage is available) will also be tested.
Finally, the currently planned facility allowing for users to upload multimedia content and insert comments and suggestions will be enhanced to validate the possibility for users to insert content through the SDI. The possibility to signal sightings of different species (i.e. through digital photos with time date and location stamp) will also be integrated.

Use of environmental data:
This pilot will make significant use of the information in the regional Carta Natura database, and will also access databases from other regions in order, for example, to compare habitats in different geographical contexts.
The pilot will also explore the organisational issues in validating user-provided data.

Stakeholders involved:
This pilot is carried out within the Territorial Living Lab-Sicily partnership, which already includes a range of regional stakeholders including the Sicilian regional government, the CRES research centre, the University of Palermo, the ARCA innovation incubator, the Confindustria business association, etc. In addition, the pilot will also be carried out in collaboration with the national research centre CNR’s ICAR (Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni).

Users involved:
In the development of the pilot the users are the Public Administration and tourists.

Policy / business model:
The pilot is coherent with the Park’s mission but is also an element of the TLL-Sicily partnership’s innovation piloting strategy.

Cooperation/ data sharing:
Soria Natural Reserve (ES)
Czech National Forest Programme (CZ)


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