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Location: The pilot takes place in the La Palma Protected Marine Reserve in the Canary Islands.

Service and user scenario: 
Protected Marine Areas (PMA) are areas where it is intended to maintain a high environmental quality in order to protect and even regenerate the flora and fauna in the area. For the development of this pilot, the La Palma’s Protected Marine Reserve (Canary Islands) in the Atlantic Sea has been chosen. The island of La Palma is suffering from a peculiar environmental sea degradation due to the coast plantations (basically banana plantations).
The objective of this pilot is to develop a system based on ICT to automatically control the environment. The system will get data based on indicators from the coast area of the PMA, then process them, analyzed them and make them available so the authorities can take the best decisions. Data can be obtained through the use of sensors or, like in the case of the flora and fauna data, with human intervention.
When using sensors and in order to make it simple for our purpose, the coast area of this PMA has been divided into two subareas that will be defined as open sea (not more than 600 m from the coast) and border sea. With the same criteria, indicators that we will take into account will be: biological parameters or physical-chemical parameters and only the three among the most relevant ones will be taken for each one of the subareas.
This division allows us to apply to each of the subareas the correct indicators since for example there is no need to measure pesticides on the open sea. Here there are the indicators that will be measured for each of the subareas.
When human intervention is necessary, the use of images and voice recognition systems will be studied. All these data will be georeferenced in cartographic maps.

Use of environmental data:
If we want the Administration to accomplish environmental rules and regulations concerning water, they must know the quality of it and investigate which activities are the main factors in water degradation. With the data obtained from this pilot, environmental information related to the quality of the water in the coast should be accessible to the authorities in order to help them to take correct decisions concerning the environment.
Some of these rules and regulations are the 2008/56/CE DIRECTIVE of JUNE 17th, 2008 where environmental management policy for marine areas is mandatory for the member states.

Stakeholders involved:
The main stakeholder involved in the development of this pilot is TRAGSATEC. Some other collaborators are companies manufacturing sensors and developing voice.

Users involved:
In the development of the pilot the users are the La Palma Protected Marine Reserve but in future exploitation any Public Administration could be involved.

Policy / business model:
Coherent with TRAGSA role towards the Spanish Government.

Web application:

Cooperation/ data sharing:
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